Info for presenters

Oral presentations

All oral presentations will be allocated a strict 20 minute slot, including presentation (15 mins), questions (3 mins), and handover (2 mins).

Presenters should contact their session chair well before the start of the session.

A laptop operating under Windows will be provided in the conference room. Presenters are required to upload their presentation onto the laptop and check it well before the start of their session. (Note that embedded objects in Powerpoint presentations can sometimes cause problems so these should be avoided.)

An audio connection will be available.

Poster presentations

Each poster has to fit on a poster board that is 1 m wide. Posters should therefore be no more than 85 cm (33.5 in) wide and no more than 119 cm (46.9 in) tall (i.e., no larger than A0 portrait or A1 landscape).

IMPORTANT: Posters wider than the stated dimensions will not fit on the poster boards and cannot be displayed. A0 landscape is too wide.

Authors are responsible for putting up and taking down their own posters. Authors are encouraged to put up their posters at the beginning of the day so that they can also be viewed at morning break times.